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Join Year 4 as we explore the village of Eyam.


Cucklet Church

More walking today! There will be lots of tired children tonight. This morning we visited the Cucklet church. It is believed that William Mompesson held his church services here.

Well deserved ice pops

After our long walk to the Riley graves (1.4 miles up hills) we are having some well deserved ice pops.

Eyam Museum

This morning we visited the Eyam museum. We had to complete a quiz as we walked around. We loved looking around and reading all of the wonderful facts.

Breakfast time!

Good morning! This morning we were up nice and early excited for the day ahead. Lots of smiley faces at breakfast time as it was delicious!

Exploring Eyam

Here are some photos of us exploring the lovely village.

Inside the church

This afternoon we had fun exploring inside the church and learning more about the story of Eyam.

Sketching at the church

We are having some quiet time at the church doing some observational drawing of the church.

Our last morning

Our last morning has been very busy, we’ve packed up and left the hostel. We’ve come to enjoy the park before we say goodbye to Eyam!

Eyam stocks

Take a look at our photos in the stocks.


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